Moar Details

Fri 24 June 2016

We're just about 6 weeks out from the con, and we're stoked to see all of you real soon.

We're also excited to release some of the details:


Will be at Federal Bar in longbeach! It's a pretty chill spot, and is a short convenient walk from the Ferry. Can't wait to see you all there.


Woo more sponsors!

Mercury ISS has stepped up as well as a sponsor. So a massive thanks goes out to them.

The tshirt order is going in very soon, but we still have a slot for one more sponsor. So if you want that to be you, and you want your logo on the shirt, you should get in touch real soon.


Stoked to announce some more speakers!

Collin Mulliner

Sömething sömething möbile research

Mike Ryan

Memory Corruption bugs in classic zelda games


Despite a bunch of great submissions, the CFP is still open! We'd love to have your talk as well; the details are still up on the cfp page.

And finally


There are still a ton of tickets available. We're putting together something pretty special, so if you haven't already come and grab one.

The deadline for the badge and tshirt order is rapidly coming up, so while we'll sell tickets till we either sell out, or the day of the con, if you don't get in soon you migth wind up without a badge or a tshirt, and that'd be a goddamn tragedy.