WIC is a thing that happened

Thu 26 February 2015

So Wrong Island Con took place, and was allegedly a pretty good time. Thank you all so much to the jerks that came and made it awesome!

In particular, a huge shoutout to insomnia, great scott gadgets, and hackerone who legendarily came out of the woodwork as sponsors on the day. On behalf of everyone who drank delicious beers and ate delicious foods, cheers!

I'm acutely aware that I still need to ship a bunch of you tshirts. Rest assured that they sit safely in my loungeroom, waiting for my anxiety about shipping stuff to back off. I haven't forgotten you.

Thinking forward, a bunch of people have asked me about a second Wrong Island Con. I'm blown away by the responses, and the sheer number of offers for help that I've had. I'm still very much in the midst of trying hard not to think about, however plans are afoot, and there's a pretty good chance this will happen again. More details will probably pop up here or on tooter as we get closer to my vaguely specified date.