WIC2.7 is a go!

Fri 15 April 2016

After a bunch of umming and ahhing, it's my great pleasure to announce the second-and-a-bit Wrong Island Con.



July 29, 2016

Kickoff at 10am, finishing up around 5pm. Details of the afterparty to come.

Conveniently on the way to Vegas, for all those peeps heading over from APAC.


Hopefully a lot of the same things as last year!

Short, technical talks with none of the cruft. Think a live action edition of PoC||GTFO.

There'll be plentiful drinks, great people to hang out with, and a pretty sweet island to do it on, if I do say so myself.

How much, jerk?

As per last year, it's $50. Unlike last year, I have my shit together a tiny little bit more, and so it'll cost you 50 American Dollars to get in.

You can buy tickets here


The CFP is now open, as is the call for sponsors. Now is a great time to explicitly call out the awesome last minute sponsors from WIC1: