Wrong Island Con is a security conference borne of an unfortunate incident involving 3 planes full of nerds trying to get to Kiwicon from Australia.

The flights were redirected to Christchurch by bad weather in Wellington, which caused more than a couple of people to ask them to "Let us off the damn plane, we'll have WrongIslandCon". Unfortunately, they wouldn't, but the idea grabbed some traction and in 2014 the first Wrong Island Con took place in Christchurch.

Wrong Island Con is a little different than a lot of security conferences. Instead of long speaking slots with lightning talks supporting, the only speaking slots at WIC are 20 minute talks. The goal is to make the format both more approachable, and significantly more interesting.

By having shorter slots, we can accept research that's potentially nicher or more esoteric, and both expose people to techniques they wouldn't ordinarily see.