The CFP is now open!

We'd love to hear about your short (15-20 minute) lightning talk on something interesting and nominally computer security related. Conceptually, we're asking you to take your hour long talk, then throw away the 20 minutes at the start where you try to introduce the audience to $whatever, and the 20 minutes at the end where you try to explain why people should be terrified of your attack, and then just be left with 20 minutes of sweet, gooey center.

People who want to hear more are actively encouraged to buy you a beer.

Please send through:

To [email protected]

Please format your submission subject as:

[WICe CFP] <title>

A note about speaking

Wrong Island has an "everyone pays" policy, not dissimilar from PyCon's. The intent here is to level the playing field a bit and do away with some of the mightier than thou aspects of a lot of hacker cons. This also has a lot to do with the fact that as a tiny con in its second year, we can't afford to pay for flights or accommodation either.

That said, if you want to come (speaker or not!) and can't put together the money, send an email explaining and we'll try to work something out.