Call For Islands

Thu 19 November 2015

CyberKiwicon is nearly upon us, and a lot of people have been hassling me to find out what the story is with Wrong Island Con this year. It won't be happening in December, and it won't be happening alongside Kiwicon.

From the outset, I was pretty upfront about the fact that I was probably going to run WIC if and when I felt like doing it again; and to be honest I'm just starting to warm up to the idea.

With that said, instead of a boring CFP where I assign you value as a person based on the merits of a few short paragraphs about some research you're thinking about doing and feel like a deadline might motivate you for, I'm planning to assess your worth based on an entire island that you're submitting as a candidate location for WIC2: The enWrongening.

So, onto the meaty part. Please submit:

  • The Island (duh)
  • Where it is
  • Anything else that happens there, and when (A security conference would be hella convenient)
  • Why I should run a con on that island
  • When I should do it
  • Anything else you feel like might convince me
  • Enough information that I know who to blame if we go there and it's shit

To me at [email protected].