Introducing Wrong Island

Mon 01 September 2014

Wrong Island Con: It is happening.

Born of a bunch of Australian infosec jerks getting sent to the Wrong Island on our pilgrimage to kiwicon 7 last year, we figured we'd probably best head intentionally to the Wrong Island for a couple of days to warm up for kiwicon proper.

Should you join us? Yes, you absolutely should.

  • Where? The Twisted Hop.
    • 617 Ferry Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023
  • When? Monday, Dec 8

  • What? Some lightning talks. Some hanging out. Think barcon meets PoC||GTFO.

  • Why? Stop asking questions. Come.

You can find more things about the con on the twitter. I'll put up the eventbrite thing soon.

Till NZ, peace.